Final Update!!

Well, we did it!   At exactly 1:50 a.m. last night, the Commercial Free crew served Ramos Gin Fizz number 150.  What a fun shift!  As I struggle to type at this very moment due to sore shoulders, forearms, wrists, neck- you name it, my heart still races reminiscing on what was quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had behind a bar.  It was so far down to the wire, that Underbelly sous chef Lyle Bento put in the last call order for six to take us to our goal.  We finished the night strong with more than seven people shaking behind the bar at a time, followed by shenanigans which included one Ramos being divvied up into ten glasses and bombed (that’s right Ramos and Red Bull).  No one will ever accuse us of taking cocktails too seriously!  And isn’t that the point?  Shouldn’t drinking be fun after all? We think so.  Cheers!

Peter Jahnke will again shake Ramos Gin FIzzes.  On the one year anniversary of his momentous achievement (described below), Peter sets out to plunder last years’ record. He’s agreed to join myself and Billy Boyd next Wednesday at Grand Prize Bar, along with a few of our closest friends (as shaker boys and girls) as we try to hit 150. Stay tuned for more…


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