Lindsay Heffron Wins Houston Round Of Bombay Sapphire / GQ Comp

Lindsay Heffron joins forces with Commercial Free this Wednesday

Lindsay and Ivy 

To say that Liberty Station’s Lindsay Heffron is on a roll would be an understatement. Earlier this year she took second place overall in an easily debatable Speedrack competition that put the region’s best bar women against one another in a craft cocktail, timed setting. Last week she took first place in what is regularly considered the most important cocktail competition around, Bombay Sapphire and GQ’s Most Imaginative Bartender Search. In just over three weeks, she flies to Las Vegas to represent Houston in the national round of this competition. If she succeeds in Las Vegas, Heffron will “be featured on the cover of the GQ “Men of the Year” Issue, be a guest bartender at the GQ Man of the Year event in Los Angeles, attend the Global Finals, host a VIP Magazine Launch Party at their account and become an honorary Brand Ambassador.”

While that may seem like a tall order for Montrose dwelling Heffron, she’s up to the task, but may need your help preparing. She’s joined forces with last year’s Houston winner and representative in Las Vegas, Alex Gregg of Commercial Free. This Wednesday at Grand Prize (1010 Banks, 77006) Lindsay and Alex invite you to come out to ameliorate and jeer any jitters and butterflies which may and will spring up during the Vegas competition. The group ask that you bring any and all bizarre or weird ingredients to try to stump Lindsay (No alcohol though, It is strictly against TABC code to bring any outside alcoholic beverages into a licensed venue!), including fruit, produce, sweeteners, jams, vinegars, etc. Heffron will make you a Bombay Sapphire or Bombay Sapphire East cocktail with your ingredient in preparation for the “Iron Chef” style finals in Nevada.

The evening will be filled with videotaped “Olympic Style” time trials, while the regular Commercial Free crew prepares classic cocktails, not from a menu, but a book – Ted Haigh’s (aka Dr. Cocktail) Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails. Grand Prize’s comprehensive back bar is a cocktail geek’s dream and is the only Houston venue capable and willing to host such an event for one of our own. We hope to see you there, with your farmer’s market, brown paper bags filled with local, seasonal ingredients alongside your air horns, noisemakers and thirsty, discerning palates.


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